Security and Safeguards


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Last updated: Sep 27, 2021.

Security and Safeguards

imeOnlyne as an invoice and business management solution, is aware of how our clients rely on our cloud infrastructure as an important component of their business, for managing their activities and keeping record. We consider the security, data, systems that makeup the software our top priority. Hence we put in place specefic security mechanisms to protect and maintain the software and its usage.

Application Security

imeOnlyne uses validation, authentication and authorization to secure information that is processed on the cloud and to restrict unauthorized persons from having access to this information, also tokens, in-app checks and access maps are used to validates every request to the cloud for better security.

Data Security

All information and data transmitted between your computer or mobile device (browser) and imeOnlyne is encrypted and secured over the internet. We encrypt your confidential data using industry-leading security standards; 256-bit SSL Certificates.


imeOnlyne cloud infrastructure runs on servers (data centers) located in Europe and are therefore in accordance with the strict European data protection regulations(GDPR) outlined in the European Commission Directive 95/46/EC.

The imeOnlyne infrastructure rests securely behind firewalls for maximum security of the cloud application and its data.

Passwords and App Security

Our password policy enforces the use of 8 characters or more including at least one numeric digit, one uppercase letter, one lowercase letter and one special character to implements a strong user password. We also employ the use of industry-leading hash algorithms or functions that implement the use of salts to ensure that passwords are securely encrypted, making it very difficult to hack/crack.

imeOnlyne Application employs sophisticated algorithms, various levels of verification and layers of security for total security and secured accessibilty to the platform. The application automatically logs out users where it detects inactivity, to keep the application safe from unauthorised users.


At imeOnlyne, your data is mirrored and stored in a secure distant location, incase of any failures, your records are quickly recovered.

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